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Baby Moon Midwifery Service, LLC
Homebirth midwife serving southwest Missouri


Springfield Office

Welcome to our Springfield office. We do checkups here by appointment one or two days each week, usually Thursdays and sometimes on other days.

reception waiting
This is our reception area and waiting room. Here you will meet Kalee, my receptionist and all-around helper. If you want to purchase some vitamins or herbal supplement, a birth kit or other items we have in-stock, she will be happy to help! The waiting room doubles as classroom space for childbirth ed classes, breastfeeding support group meetings, and other events throughout the year.

chat plush organs
Deborah's office in the back is perfect for a private chat or a cup of tea!
Thank you, Dana, for the cute plush organs!
Thank you, Diane, for the artwork!

violet rose
We gave our exam rooms flower names instead of numbers. The "Violet Room" is the exam room that gets the most use. The "Rose Room" is nice, too.

bodywork extra
The "Carnation Room" has a massage table I use for giving midwife bodywork treatments. Deborah's office doubles as an extra exam room if we have more ladies needing checkups than we have exam rooms! It's happened a couple times!

Pierce City Office

Welcome to our new location in Pierce City. We do checkups here by appointment one day each week, usually Wednesdays.

pc1 pc2

This is a new location for us, so we will get more and better photos soon!

Stockton Office

Welcome to our home office in Stockton. We do checkups here by appointment one day each week, usually Mondays, but can be more flexible with days and times at this location.

home office
Photos coming soon!

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