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Baby Moon Midwifery Service, LLC
Homebirth midwife serving southwest Missouri

Deborah with baby girl
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Birth is an intense, life-altering experience that changes a girl into a woman, a couple into a family and empowers a mother to nurture and defend her newborn. It is an honor and a privilege to serve women and families during this transformation.

Women’s bodies are perfectly designed to give birth safely and efficiently. Excellent diet and healthy lifestyle are the best prevention of complications during pregnancy and birth. Pregnancy is the time to prepare for the intensity of labor and birth. The strength of the body during labor can be an enjoyable, satisfying experience.

Midwives have helped women to give birth continuously throughout history right down to today. Modern midwives may have more tools than the midwives in history, but women's bodies still give birth the same way.

All of the valid scientific studies show that for healthy women, homebirth with a trained midwife is as safe as hospital birth with a physician. Some studies show it to be safer! But the biggest difference in outcomes between the two is that homebirth tends to result in less birth trauma to both mother and baby, better bonding between mother and baby, and a higher successful breastfeeding rate.

We are Certified Professional Midwives practicing in southwest Missouri. We do prenatal checkups in our main office in Springfield or home office in Stockton, Missouri, and attend homebirths in southwest Missouri.

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