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Please enjoy the following documents, shared here for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the care and advice of an appropriate care provider.

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Outside Doulas

A doula is not a midwife. They do not provide clinical care and do not attend birth as the primary provider. The followning doulas are not part of our practice, so you would have to pay them separately. Some of them were trained by us, others received their training elsewhere. Please interview and choose your doula with the same care and attention you would for any other professional. Ask her questions.� Make sure you have similar beliefs and philosophies.� Find the right doula for YOU! Listing here is a courtesy and not an endorsement.

Jenny Cahill, PhD�in Psychology:��
Supporting others as they realize their full, natural potential is my calling. I've been working with individuals in a private coaching setting for over a decade, using�hypnosis, as well as other tools to assist the process of letting go of fears and debilitating beliefs that get in the way of being actualized. It's seemed it was time to extend this work to birthing.�As a trained Doula through Tokology and�Hypnobabies�, I am able to work with families in a number of ways to achieve a more relaxed, calm birthing.�It is my pleasure to support mothers (and partners) who understand birthing as a natural�process. I am honored to be part of the team that reinforces these beliefs and helps Moms experience the power and joy of birthing.�



Harlee King:
Hello! My name is Harlee King and I am servicing the Branson and surrounding areas as a birthing and postpartum doula. I have a 7 year old daughter and my own labor and delivery experience is what sparked my passion in providing information and loving support to other moms. My goal is to provide personalized care, information regarding different birth options, physical and emotional support to all types of moms, no matter where she is on her journey and to her family members before, during and after delivery. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, if you'd like more information or if you think that I may be a good match for you and your family. Email:



Lindsay Scheele:
About Lindsay






Kimberly Warner:
Hello, I am Kimberly Warner. I am a stay at home mom. I have given birth 3 times. 2 of my own and 1 for a family member. I have worked in the medical field for 2 years before the birth of my youngest. I was trained through the class that the midwives offer. I am available at any time. Whatever it is that you want I will try my best to do. I do wish to be a doula for some time. I would love to work with you and do my best to make your birth the one you have always wanted! Email:



This information is not intended to replace the care and advice of an appropriate care provider.
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